Vehicle Service Plan

Vehicle Service Plans With You In Mind 

Buying an automobile is often the second largest expense for individuals and families. Protect yourself against the rising repair costs of mechanical failures with repair insurance from Webb Hyundai Highland today.

We offer four levels of protection for your vehicle, plus additional benefits when you need them the most. Take a look and give us a call! 

Powertrain Plan

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Front & rear-wheel drive axle
  • Fuel system
  • Associated filters, fluids, lubricants & taxes
  • Hybrid components: Hybrid electric motor assembly, electronic transmission, transaxle assembly and electric traction-drive motor assembly

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Plus Plan

Everthing in the
Powertrain Plan plus.....

  • Steering
  • Electrical

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Advanced Plan

Everything in the Plus Plan Plus...

  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Cooling
  • Hi-tech
  • Seals & gaskets

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Ultimate Plan

  • Provides our most extensive coverage Coverage extends to any part experiencing a mechanical breakdown except for those parts listed as excluded under the service contract.

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Wrap Coverage

Factory and/or dealer powertrain warranties are limited to major components. Wrap coverage is an exclusionary level of coverage that is designed to "wrap" around factory and/or dealer powertrain warranties protecting many of the other vehicle components, subject to specified exclusions. A complete list of exclusions appears in the contract. Since the factory and/or dealer powertrain warranty covers the powertrain portion of your vehicle, wrap coverage does not cover the following component groups:*
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Turbocharger assemblies
  • Transfer case
  • Supercharger
  • Drive axle
  • Related seals and gaskets
* The term of your wrap coverage may not coincide with the term of your factory and/or dealer powertrain warranty.

Optional Coverage
We offer additional coverage for:
Seals and gaskets - Available for Powertrain and Plus coverage only
Hi-tech - Available for Powertrain and Plus coverage only
Electronics - Available for Advanced coverage only

Additional Plan Benefits

The Protective Auto Care Plan provides you peace of mind knowing you're protected against certain costly repairs and includes additional valuable benefits such as:
  • 24-Hour roadside assistance
  • Up to $175 of coverage per incident for emergency roadside assistance is available for the following:
  • Towing
  • Flat tire replacement (using vehicle's inflated spare)
  • Fuel, water or other fluid delivery (excluding the cost of fluids)
  • Lock-out assistance
  • Jump start (excluding hybrid main power cell batteries)

Rental Vehicle Coverage
You receive reimbursement for up to $50 per day for up to $300 for a rental vehicle while your vehicle is undergoing a covered repair, plus some additional days for certain delays.
* Certain additional benefits may not be available in some states due to state law restrictions. See contract for exact terms, coverage and exclusions.
Limits And Exclusions To Coverage 

Coverage is subject to deductibles, limits and exclusions. The contract covers repairs only of covered parts and only when they suffer a breakdown as defined in the contract. Under some circumstances, a breakdown of a covered part may not be covered (for example, failure due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance or when a non-covered part is what caused the covered part to fail). Also, the exclusions contain a list of parts not covered, some of which may be associated with a covered part (for example, brake drums, pads and rotors; exhaust pipes, mufflers and catalytic converters; and body and trim items). Please see the service contract for details.

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